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Oracle 11g and JAVA and ORA-29516

Hi, so if you encounter with the following error when you want to call a JAVA Wrapper which source class was uploaded to db by loadjava:
ORA-29516: Aurora assertion failure: Assertion failure at eox.c:332
Uncaught exception System error: java/lang/UnsupportedClessVersionError

as the error says your class version is not recognized by Oracle.
  1. check your JAVA version by invoking:

  2. java -version

  3. check which JAVA version is used by Oracle 11g by invoking:

  4. [($ORACLE_HOME/jdk/bin/)|( %ORACLE_HOME%\jdk\bin)]java -version

probably the two versions are not the same.
Solution use the same version for compiling *.java files, or if you want to be 100% sure use
[($ORACLE_HOME/jdk/bin/)|( %ORACLE_HOME%\jdk\bin)]javac
for compiling.

janos ujvari @19th november 2009