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Connecting to MySQL in JDeveloper

1) Download MySQL Connector/J 3.0.11
2) Select Tools -> Default Project Properties in JDeveloper

3) Select Libraries in the tree view. Click Add Library in the right plane.

4) Click New.. 5) Library Name: MySql
Location: User
Click Add Entry..

The Select Path Entry dialog is displayed.

6) Click OK

7)Click OK
8)Select the Connections tab and right-click on the Database node to select New Database Connection.
9) Click Next

10) Connection Name: MySql
Connection Type:
Third Party JDBC Driver

Click Next.

11) In the Authentication window specify Username as root (Password is not required to be specified for a root user by default), and click on Next.
12) Click New..

In the Driver Class field enter com.mysql.jdbc.Driver.

Click Browse..In the Library, select the MySql library that you defined earlier.
Click OK
Click OK

13) Enter the URL: jdbc:mysql://localhost/test?
Click Next

14) Click Test Connection

SSH tuneling: it's easy

Often the remote computer I want to operate is firewalled so it only possible to connect over port# 22.
Here is a simple description how to make an ssh tunel:
ssh -f user@remote-machine.com -L localport#:remote-machine.com:remoteport# -N

-f run in background;
-L localport#:remote-machine.com:remoteport# which local port will be connected to wich remote port.
-N instructs OpenSSH to not execute a command on the remote system.